Kasha Vannessa Johnson is a single mom of a young son named Peyton with Autism Spectrum Disorder and mother figure to her teen brother Joshua. Growing up in a low income family in Harlem, NYC she learned quickly how to survive, expand and utilize her skills to grow professionally while managing to keep a bright and bubbly personality.“I was dodging life’s challenges like dodgeballs. I’ve experienced everything from homelessness and domestic violence to a drug addicted parent who struggled with mental illness and let’s not get started on my challenges as an autism mom or a sister who suddenly had to parent her sibling but my experiences grow me they do not define me!“

When asked - how did you end up in this business Kasha replied:

“I got into the business of Pleasure initially as a means to support my son with autism. Sex sells and when he was diagnosed I was left with the challenge of supporting him and my brother financially without the ability to work a 9-5."  Adequate and reasonably priced childcare is a huge barrier for any single mother of a child with special needs. So women in this predicament often have to get innovative so that they can be a part of their child’s developmental needs while still managing to keep afloat.

Kasha was motivated to overcome this barrier as she had done so with many other barriers in her life. You see she also was seeking a way to reconnect with herself because she felt so lost after also experiencing the loss of a pregnancy with triplets which was shortly followed by her pregnancy with her son Peyton. “My pregnancy with Peyton was a super rocky road. I suffered from hyperemesis about seven months of the pregnancy causing me to be hospitalized for weeks at a time for hydration and nutrients.”  She thought once she had her son things would begin to mellow out but compared her life to a Lemony Snicket’s book, because for a short period it felt like a constant series of unfortunate events .

Shortly after Peyton was born she had a domestic violence experience that caused Kasha to lose optimism in love and intimacy. “I wasn’t feeling like a strong sexy woman although I knew deep down I was. I was desperate to reconnect with that woman. I was tired of feeling beat down and didn’t  want this experience to shape my vision of love and intimacy.” It took a while for her though. Years passed and once Peyton was diagnosed she decided she needed to have a ladies night just to decompress and feel connected to her adult life. Who knew this would be the start of her purpose. “I watched my friend Tye as she went through her pleasure presentation and kept thinking to myself damn I could do this. I saw the financial opportunity immediately but I had no idea that this industry would transform my life.”

She initially started out in 2013 with a home Party network called Passion Parties that no longer exist and was absorbed by another company. She ended up moving over to Pure Romance and in her words "I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt out of place in an environment that didn’t feel inclusive and truthfully wasn’t all that impressed with the product. This sent me on a quest for a new brand and I fell in LOVE with Bedroom Kandi products. The product quality is simply unmatched and they were super innovative with the toy designs. This gives a direct seller confidence when marketing a product." She continued to say on a personal level she felt like Bedroom Kandi understood that the subject of intimacy needed to feel inclusive for all regardless of race, sexual orientation, age or gender. Bedroom Kandi resources train you to cater to all! But she described the greatest part to be the company’s culture. With Bedroom Kandi it truly is a family and it is motivating to be surrounded by this network of givers who support the growth of your business. 

It didn‘t take long for Kasha to become one of the company’s top selling consultants in the country and begin to build a team of BOSSES to come along with her. “This business was what my life needed. I get to party and get paid all while empowering and educating men and women on this taboo subject of SEX!”

At the same time, Kasha started to grow a network on Instagram that is now a whopping 600K+ with her BBWCENTRAL (Building Beautiful Women Central) brand. She paired up with her right hand Sue to utilize that platform to discuss important topics that cover love, dating, sex, relationships and taboos between the sexes. "I am proud of the growth of my many ventures and to have so many platforms to talk about an important topic like intimacy and Sex is just a SUPER bonus. I am hoping that my experiences can offer perspective and help us as men and women as well as those who identify in the LGBTQ community come that much closer to reaching a level of comfort on the subjects. After all it’s sex, WE ALL DO IT!" Kasha truly cares that her party guest and clients leave her feeling informed and better educated. Now that Bedroom Kandi has expanded in beauty products and they have Kandi Koated, Kasha is also loving that she is promoting beauty. "I know when I feel beautiful it allows me to do this necessary work with a sophistication to it yet at the same damn time I'm wild and I'm raw and I think it’s what my party host, customer base and social media following appreciates most. I keep it 1000%!” She described it at the blessing that allowed her to turn all of her challenges into successes.

So many people describe Kasha as bubbly, naturally giving, caring and the unbiased friend they can always confide in. Kasha responds to that jokingly with "Imma start invoicing them for this Dr. Phil work lol but truthfully if I can ever be of help to someone I jump at the chance. I’m currently coaching couples and individuals towards intimacy and thanks to the Dr. Rachel Institute I’m now Board Certified to do it. “I am an Intimacy and Sexuality Coach who saves lives one orgasm at a time!”


Full Time MOMPRENEUR - Always Has To Come First! 


Bedroom Kandi / Kandi Koated Independent Consultant - Vannessa's Pleasures

I enjoy a career in which I am educating and empowering men and women to embrace sexual health and body wellness. We have tremendous products that address needs. Not to mention it's most fun I've ever had making money! Interested in getting into the business? Join My Team

Board Certified Sex Coach

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual issues. Society tells us that we are supposed to naturally know how to have sex. The desire to have sex is natural, but the skills to be a great lover or to engage fully in sex aren’t. The truth is that people need to learn how to have great sex. Book your sexuality coaching via the Booking Page

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Social media is the movement. I love that I can utilize BBWCentral's large network to help others grow their personal pages and business accounts. Check out BBWCENTRAL 

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BBWCentral was just an Instagram shoutout page... Giving people an opportunity for people to gain exposure to their Instagram accounts. But I decided to utilize my platform and start speaking to them by going live and chopping it up. I would get nearly 2000 viewers so I just kept going. People began  sending DMs asking advice and saying they were happy to have a woman give them authentic advice and with a sense of humor. This was clearly something worth growing. So me and my best friend started the BBWC PODCAST where we are dedicated to bridging the communication gap between the sexes on topics like love, sex, dating and intimacy.

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There is such an art to seduction and I love that I can help skilled women who are comfortable in their skin bring fantasies to live. Our girls aren't strippers they are Showstoppers & Performers! - WE CAN ALSO SOURCE MALE ENTERTAINERS TOO! Book An Entertainer

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Being active in today's political climate is highly important to me. Not to mention having the ability to organize campaigns and grassroots efforts has brought me skills and relationships that are invaluable. I have 10 years experience as a political consultant / organizer. So while I may have ventured into a new industry I will always keep an ear to the ground and find ways to give back in my community!